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Home Window Services

We offer a wide range of SERVICES to suit a variety of budgets

Foggy Window Repair/ Insulated Glass



Do you have Foggy Windows ? Foggy Windows can be

repaired for a fraction of the cost of full window

replacement by replacing the Insulating Glass Unit. The insulating glass unit is two panes of glass with a aluminum spacer between the two pieces glass that is sealed at the factory. Once the seal between the two panes of glass fails, moisture leaks between the unit causing the unit to lose its insulating properties.

Full Window Replacement

Clear Advantage offers quality vinyl and aluminum windows that are installed by our professional trained staff. We offer a variety of colors and glass options to provide a custom look that will increase your homes curb appeal in addition to the energy saving benefits of full window replacement.  

Full Window Replacement is ideal for homes with single pane windows. Single pane windows offer no insulation from the outside temperatures. Replacing your single pane windows will improve your homes energy efficiency.

Broken Window Glass Repair

We repair broken window glass for all types of windows. Broken glass repair is quick an inexpensive. We offer same day service for single pane glass repair and next day service for insulated glass(double pane) 7 days a week.

Gutter Repair and Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning services are affordable and preformed by our professional staff that can spot problem areas and can often repaired for no extra cost. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your rain gutters can prevent damage to your home that can be costly. Broken, leaking, clogged and overflowing gutters are more then a cosmetic problem. Problems can lead to eroding foundations peeling paint and rotted wood. When leaves and seeds clog rain gutters the water will overflow and can drain into the cavity between the interior and exterior walls of your home. Over time moisture will build up under roof shingles which can lead to roof leaks.

Window Insect Screens

Solar Screens

Vinyl Glazing Bead Replacement

Window Balance Repair